Stream: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Here in America, we’re mostly exposed to games from a handful of locales. The majority of the games I’ve covered are either from America, Japan, or Western Europe. When White Day was updated for the PS4, I was champing at the bit to play a horror game from Korea, a country whose traditions I’m woefully ignorant of.

Imagine my dismay when I found out that this “updated” White Day was mostly a visual and narrative overhaul… and the core of the play, a first person stealth experience, was just as unforgiving as they were back in the 2000s, before stealth play really got good.

Our hero is a young student who has a crush on a quiet, pretty classmate. He decides to sneak into his school on the night before White Day (a counterpart holiday to Valentine’s Day), and leave her a gift. But when he gets in, he can’t get back out. Something is rotten, and the janitors are chasing him with baseball bats. Would you believe me if I said the truth boils down to bad feng shui?

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Check out the stream playlist below, and watch the future Hex Crank Live streams at the Twitch Channel.


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