Stream: The Cat Lady

Susan Ashworth doesn’t want to live anymore. She’s a lonely middle-aged woman whose only companions are the stray cats that she feeds. When she decides to take her life, she awakens in a kind of purgatory presided over by the Queen of Maggots, a devil figure who says Susan cannot die until she kills five Parasites… serial killers who are making the world a worse place.

I was very skeptical of The Cat Lady’s chances of portraying depression and suicide in a respectful manner. Aside from the goofy Dexer-esque serial killer hunt, it manages to be a very affecting and sweet story about someone at the end of their rope finding a reason to live by working to help another. It helps that the music is terrific, and that the photorealistic sprite work creates a spooky mixed media collage effect. Heed the warnings at the beginnings of these episodes, though, because this game doesn’t pull a single punch.

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Check out the stream playlist below, and watch the future Hex Crank Live streams at the Twitch Channel.


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