Stream: Outlast II

Outlast II is only tangentially related to the story of its predecessor, and you have to look very hard to find the connections. This works in its favor, because Outlast II is far more successful at making you feel just plain filthy for playing it.

Blake and Lynn Langermann are a husband and wife investigative journalist team, flying into the Arizona wilderness to do an exposé on the suspicious death of a pregnant teen. Their helicopter crashes, dumping them into the middle of a cult compound, surrounded by deranged practitioners of an apocalyptic fertility cult that believes a very not-pregnant Lynn is carrying the Anti-Christ.

This game depicts things that are shocking and disgusting. There were times when I was playing it when I couldn’t believe what was on the screen in front of me. But horror doesn’t need to be tasteful, and it’s worth getting shocked occasionally just to remind yourself that you can still feel something strongly. Heed the warnings if you’re going to watch, because this is dirty.

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