Stream: Silent Hill: Homecoming

Reasonable people can argue about exactly when Silent Hill went downhill, but I think most can agree that Homecoming isn’t the series’ best outing. For a number of reasons.

Alex Shepherd is a veteran returning home after a brief stint in the hospital, but the town of Shepherd’s Glen (some relation) is completely wiped out. His dad and brother are missing, and his mom is near catatonic. The scions of the city founders are tortured by the memories of their deceased children. It’s a bad scene.

This game’s lock-on, over-the-shoulder combat was a valiant attempt to make combat a more central part of Silent Hill, but it wasn’t meant to be. Also, as a word to the wise, steer clear of the PS3 version if you can. It’s very glitchy, as you’ll see in part 2.

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