Stream: Kenseiden / Phantom Fighter

This stream was something of an oddity. Donors selected two 8-bit games that would have been too slight to do on their own. So I put them in a double-pack.

Kenseiden is a Master System game that plays like a medieval Japanese Castlevania. You are a samurai who sets out to defeat warlocks and evil spirits in 16th century Japan. And of course the final boss is Oda Nobunaga. Why not?

Phantom Fighter is a far goofier affair. Based on a comedy horror film called “Mr. Vampire”, it casts you as a kung fu master who travels Japan with his assistant, seeking to clear small towns of Kyonshi (traditional eastern vampires/zombies who move by hopping). It’s a very finicky combination of exploration and fighting that has a lot in common with Yie Ar Kung Fu.

Buy Kenseiden: Amazon
Buy Phantom Fighter: Amazon

Check out the stream playlist below, and watch the future Hex Crank Live streams at the Twitch Channel.


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